Division of University Administration

University Administration

The Vice President for University Administration is responsible for providing ongoing, direct support for the University President and developing and leading cross-divisional presidential projects and initiatives. Specific responsibilities include preparing presidential materials for the Board of Regents & the Chancellor, coordinating state governmental relations, managing cabinet meeting agendas, serving on university councils and committees, and representing the president and university at internal and external events.

Institutional Compliance and Ethics and Institutional Inclusive Excellence -Student Initiatives, and Institutional Inclusive Excellence-Faculty and Staff Initiatives report to the Vice President, and the Vice President serves as a liaison to the Department of Athleticsthe City of San Marcos, and The Texas State University System

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University Administration’s mission is two-fold:

  1. To solidify Texas State’s commitment to ethical behavior and compliance – to behave in ways that are consistent with our values and all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and policies that govern Texas State - through the development, implementation, evaluation, and refinement of an institutional compliance program; and
  2. To maximize academic excellence through a coordinated delivery of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEIA) initiatives that significantly impact the broad areas of (a) recruitment, enrollment, and engagement (retention) of the best, brightest, and most diversified student body, and (b) recruitment, hiring, engagement (retention), and DEIA training of the best, brightest, and most diversified body of faculty and staff.

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